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Confused About Mortgages? We can help.

Remodel? Update? Or Move?

There’s selling a house. And there’s selling a house through Bill & Janet.

Any house will sell if it’s priced low enough. But how do you know how much someone will pay? That takes expert marketing and an expert marketing plan. It doesn’t just happen.

Buyers Need More Than A Chauffeur

Bill & Janet provide a myriad of services for their Buyers. Is your Realtor really working?

What makes Bill & Janet the choice of so many people?

It’s a great compliment to us when someone mentions they’ve noticed a lot of our signs, or actuallyrecognizes us from one of our signs. It’s a clear indicator that we’re doing something right, and it certainly lends credibility to us as successful Realtors. And this is why.

Information About Brokerage Services

Information About Brokerage Services